Reviews for "Vain Star"

:D summary: awesomeness in music form

this is probably my favorite song in the portal, had some tough competition with "break fairy" and "atmospheric entry" and some others. your timing is practically down to a science. 23-27, 1:05-1:08, 2:10-2:24, and 2:34-2:37 to mention a few, lead up to something, but you dont know what, it keeps you guessing for a few seconds, then adds a new twist, or an additional voice. favorite part is most definitely 2:24-2:30, what follows is pure bliss. this song has a good pace, not too fast. but theres an energy that keeps it interesting. 5/5 and favorited.

cycerin responds:

Thanks for the great review and impressions :D

Attn: "pimp"

Definitely reminds me of prodigy (if you say you've heard it before). But regardless, an awesome tune.


nice although when i listen to this i cant help but think about like sum pwnzor cyborg or robot but anyways its rlly nice put it on my mp3

Love it

This song is amazing, especially the last part of it :)

Its space-tastic!

One of the greatest tracks i ever heard!