Reviews for "Vain Star"

Great piece of music

This definitley had the feeling of a vain star floating in distant space, as it gave off a feeling of technology allowing with sheer vastness.

In other words, it was awesome!


This tops the cake with an icing that could make a cake no more perfect than originally imagined, and surpasses it entirely. There's just something about the dark vibe I get from it that I can't stay away from. You have yet to end my addiction to your music. This is a piece that I will refuse to forget.

I luv it

Did you ever think this would make it into Castle Crashers? It fits perfectly!

For The Pwnage

this song is almost like a volcano, it dies down for a bit but then builds to the climax and hits you like apunch in the ear, worth checking this out! i've also been looking for this song! SO AWSOME, i'd give this 20/10.


You will go down as one of the greatest. this song is what causes inspirations for others. Youll make history dude. Peace