Reviews for "Vain Star"


ive heard this 1 b4 somewhere


Very complex, but not to the point of sounding cluttered. All elements work with each other/strengthen each other. I love this track.

I couldn't agree more with SymbolCymbal.

could have been superb

There are parts of this song that are great, (strings throughout) and things that were not so great (break and follow at 1:08), and unfortunately the bad over-weighed the good for me. I can see what you were going for, and it has great potential

percusive madness

love the psy trance ghost effects, and the idm sounding wak. koo. sound. the drums are perfect. i also love your lead ins ever few measures. very well calculated and executed. the strings totally give this more than an amped feel to it and give it quite the personality of vanity and drama. My fav part is at 225.. love the breakdown into the buildup and the synth that takes the violin line...
just wanna let you know i play this song alot around the house and very very much enjoy it. the ending fading lead line is a perfect ending.

cycerin responds:

Thanks man! I somehow missed this great review until now. Dig that you liked the synth that overlays the violin melody towards the end, I've been kinda worrying it might sound a bit cheesy.


makes me think of little volcanoes erupting

cycerin responds:

Too much CC!