Reviews for "Stick Slayer: Episode One"


that was great.I laughed my ass off.just the whole concept of killing stick figures is great.


Even though I like the stick movies, this was still pretty funny, but one of the things I don't get about these anti-stick movies, sticks are always killing each other, why should it make any difference when a non-stick kills some1? Sticks are pretty much doomed to die anyway.

This is a must see

Lol..really cool, really stupid..

I'm going to check the rest of the series now...so this question maybe kind of dumb...who are the good and who are the dark forces...they look both preety nuts to me :p

nice but shitty ending

i have to say this is a pretty good portal but lay off the sticks man.

Creative concept...

Impressive effects used here. Nice storyline and soundtrack. Also check out Stick Slayer Slayer, a parody of this animation.