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Reviews for "SM64 - The Alternate Route"

Awesome Song

I think it is a perfect remix of the Bowser stages. I love how it is so intense and fast. By the way, how many hours does a song like this take you to make? Also, how did you initially learn how to use Reason? I am about to get it and I would very much appreciate a few pointers from you. If you want to respond to my email, it is sebby_man@yahoo.com

P.S. I cant stop humming Blue Sky, it is amazing.

Numbber 100.

Anyways, this is awesome, you make awesome music I love mario, and i love this song, its soo in my favorites.

koopa koopa

man thats a blast from the past faved it


I like your style...
the song is fantastic...
I like it so much that you are one of my favorite music artist on Ng... XD


It sounds Super Mario-ish without killing the original song. It's upbeat and smooth at the same time. Fantastic job! Keepy uppy! ;DD