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Reviews for "SM64 - The Alternate Route"

blew me away

if i made flash i'd love to use this in a fight scene that was long and drawn out, or possibly like boxing rounds. This obviously took ages, send this to the guy who made "Wario gets straight" i'm sure he'd use it in one of his next flashes!


dude that was the best Mario 64 song ive heard you are my god!!!!that was 2 awesome to explain!!!!


or should I say...It was the most frizznickinest awesome remix I have ever heard?...yes I think that will do

SMK and the Matrix :)

well, you really blew me away with this song!
Originality:5 because it's a remix
Diversity: Tracks constanly change and keep you moving!
Clarity:Really clean and solid sound!
Effort:It's clear that you spent months on this, long and beautiful peice.

Keep up the great work!

PS:Sorry about my review for poison, god knows what I was thinking then (too much time in front of the pc screen O.o). Can we forget about that? < I feel like a dumbass now...and I now have a crowd of TheComet h8 groups all over me now most likely...sry man :( >

ParagonX9 responds:

Thanks Comet, Im glad you like it : )

Nah, Don't worry about the review for 'Poison'.
I wasn't really that mad as I may sounded. The only thing was that i saw the word 'loop' in your review wich can sometimes make me feel.. hmm i dont know..
Ofcourse i used loop beats in a very few works (Maybe 3 songs only) where i used the beat loop the whole track.
But those are loops that are really popular cus of its nice rough sound.
(An example: The Amen Break)
But usually i use beat loops only for breaks in little pieces of a track.
Like in this track, When you hear that different drumbeat in the middle of the song. that is a loop. the rest is done by myself.
Anyways, Dont worry about those Comet Hate Groups. They won't pick on you cus of that single review.
And you don't wanna know how many people vote zer0's on my music -.-
Especially before the weekly updates.
That's why you never see me appear in the charts anymore...

Anyways thanks for your review comet!
- Paragon


SHIT MAN alot of effort went into this i can really tell i mean this is awseom great details in the music and all. Great job man and never give up your musician job ^^

ParagonX9 responds:

Thanks DarkHelmet : )
A little thing was that i had to lower the quality a littlebit to put it on the site. But i don't think its really noticable. People still like it which is most important : )
No i won't give up my music career, Im glad that i made this so far (especially for young person) and i will continue with it...
A sad thing is that my music is blocked (by sort of 'Paragon Haters') from being in the charts.
I always used to appear in the weekly charts everytime i submitted a new track. But that's history, there have come too many users and other artists that keep preventing me from being in the charts. Now sometimes the charts are even filled with crapmusic.
Im really happy to see my scores rated around 4.50 the whole week, until the day before the weekly chart's update... This is when most users will start to hunt my music down. And now im getting a bit used to it to see my score lowered from about maybe 4.67 to 2.23 for example. They do it everytime when i submitted a new one.
I really hope the administrators can do something about it.

Anyways, thanks again : )