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Reviews for "SM64 - The Alternate Route"


I would play this song on Stepmania, but I never new someone from our own Newgrounds made it! Great song. I love it. I love you. Keep up the awesome work.


you make some pretty damn good audio

..its like...awsome

Its like mario with a actiony twist for the better good! Very.....how may I say this.... SEXY effects!

I remember this

I downloaded this on Limewire before, I never knew it was on NG, great mix. The begining of it reminds me of furious angels.

Koopa´s Road?

Koopa´s road? I really don´t know what song you meant. And this song did sound familier somehow, but I can´t remember any level or scene in Mario 64 with this background theme...Wasn´t this the song of Rainbow Road in Mario Kart 64? I´m a bit confused. Oh well, anyway, the song was pretty good in my opinion. Nice beat once again. Overall 8 out of 10.