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Reviews for "Curse Rag"

Dot dot dot

This is...well, it's sipmly excellent. Though I have to say I wasn't aware that ragtime counts as Country music. Perhaps the genre DOES have something to offer.

not country

i hate country but thought what the hell lets see what NG has
and i found this jem, i dont know which genre this would go in but it should be some where better
good stuff

Minoff responds:

I've got the same problem, newgrounds doesn't have a ragtime section, i guess there's not a high demand for it, so most of my songs go under country

New Orleans...

for all you people that arent in New Orleans,
they play this after a funeral. Not this,
just rag time music.
useless little tidbit right there.
but it is good. Play on brotha.


Can I get the sheet music for this? I'd really like to learn it, it has a great melody and is very catchy =)