Reviews for "MTV Whassup!?"


I really can't blame you since your authors comments said not to watch it but it still was pretty shitty, I guess wazzup was kinda historic in early formation of Newgrounds, but it's stil annoying and not at all fun to watch.

okay one

i know this one here is over 7 years old now, but it was still okay to come back and watch. the 'whassup' joke/fad is long since old, but it was alright while it lasted.

not good

Of course, whassap parodies are done so often that they have to be very good to impress me, and alas this one wasn't. The animation wasn't all that bad, and I chuckled once or twice at the images, but my main problem, other than just using pictures, was that the sound wasn't very good quality. I heard crackling every fso often, which you can't have with these kinda of parodies.


OMG, a classic made better with Tom Green...XD


hahahahahahlolllolollol classic