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Reviews for "Christmas Card 2019"

Ok, so now pop tart learned the importamce of christmas in Home Alone Hentai... Now hes also happy.

Good job. #poopmurderer2019

Woah, that’s me on the top right!

Why am I green and wearing a tophat, though?

edit: LMAO that car icon in octoclock

Is this the whole crew these days? The most active clocks? A random selection of somewhat Christmas-themed personas within this great gathering of which all members couldn't possibly be depicted at the same time any one time?

Real nice card. Smooth. Simply. Snowy. Imagine actually having real printed versions of these; sending out as regular Christmas cards too... wonder how people would react.

Maybe pretty well. It'd be something different, but still suitably seasonal.


Pop-Tart responds:

It's actually all the members that contributed to the collab movie. It was created as a thank you, especially to the newer members.

I've actually been on hiatus for over a year, so if it was active clocks, my ass would be omitted.

So festive. Welcome back, mate.

you can't hide from your past....