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Reviews for "Skullface Sammy"


same prob as the others... what do i do at the mountains... :S


I rather enjoyed this game :) I haven't finished it as of yet, because I have to quickly run, but I fel that I should take a moment to pause and tell you how much I appreciated the game. I think it's bloody brilliant.

not bad

eh intro's too long, after you die, you have to go through it again. it's good though.

Virgilcomic responds:

Yes. A bit odd ending. :-p

Well thought out!

I liked this a lot, especially the end, GREAT twist!

Nice job, make another! :D.

started off soooooo easy...

and then BAM! i got myself damn stuck and hella confused up in those dang moutains! what the heck do ya do! the onyl thing i see different is a change in cloud direction and colour