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Reviews for "Skullface Sammy"

Really good

I really liked the music, I thought it went really well with it plus it didn't get annoying like music often can in games like this.

It was really good, but how the hey do you get past the part right after your map blows away???

Virgilcomic responds:

Think Zelda perhaps. Lost Woods.... I don't want to give it away, but there was a similar trick in The Search for Something Scary.


I loved every minute. A bit linear, but its still very. very. very, good. I enjoyed the end the most.


same prob as the others... what do i do at the mountains... :S

I will help you lot

ok listen all who are desperate
the mountins, look for something scary and click on it
hevan, get money from outside of palace, buy candy and give to the poor


I rather enjoyed this game :) I haven't finished it as of yet, because I have to quickly run, but I fel that I should take a moment to pause and tell you how much I appreciated the game. I think it's bloody brilliant.