Reviews for "Dragon Ball Infinite::Pre"


I cant wait till i get as good as you in flash.This is a teaser.You gotta love it.
Two thumbs Up


that was great nice and smooth animation and u did one thing i thought dbz should of used church music it really sets the mood good job hurry up and make the next one


dbz rules, but not as much as Ninjas.

Besides a take off..

well i thought no one would make a take off of the music vidio "DBZ The Final Destination" where it actually shows gokue going beyond SSJ4. The OSSJ4 has silver hair. of course you cant get this music video anymore. it was on kazaa. but seeing how kazaa is shut down u cant get it anyway. well its a good story and its good. if you could get the animation of the picture like the real show then this would kick ass.. nice copy of the OSSJ4. cant wait to see whatelse you have to show.


Very well done. Hope for more of this to come.