Reviews for "Dragon Ball Infinite::Pre"


pretty sweet

Great Work

I can't tell you how many videos I had to watch till I found a really good one like this, I love the trailer... only I wish their were some awesome sounds when they get punched or crash into rocks.

Nice cool

What program did you use.Thats good drawing or a brush or pencil.o which program did u use?

Great music, decent animation.. but lacking story

This is a a good submission, but is more like a trailer to a bigger project, but long after this was made there was no follow up. :( Disappointing.

wouldn,t goku have gary hair after 1000 juar,s???

would,nt goku and the other sayians eveltly age and lose their power,s beacucse
thier not getting the nurtenits and porteins form sayian food that allows their spieces to live vaery long life and rarley age??.