Reviews for "Dragon Ball Infinite::Pre"

Very well done.

Title says it all.


wow.just wow.dude this thing looks epic.its looks like it could overshadow a lot of dbz episodes.

Not bad

Decent animating and all. But how was a Saiyan created?

UUH a couple of things . . .

1: I dont really get the story line
2: Who is the saiyan that was fighting Omega?
3: Next time put in some different music and put in some sound effects
4: Make it longer
Apart from those four things it was great!!
Your drawing skills are cool
Maybe next time spend a little bit more time on it

uh 2 problems...

1:it's called super saiyan(idea by japan but made by americans) and
2:what is the battle worth if they can't REALLY duke it out?