Reviews for "Dragon Ball Infinite::Pre"

tempted 2 see more

i luv the work
the thought of a "saiyn experiment"
its kewl




Firstly, the good points.
The drawing was mostly brilliant, but in places it was slightly worse than in others. The animation was smooth, and the story was enjoyable, if slightly bare. But afterall, this is only a trailer. You must make more btw!
The piece of music was good, but the way it was used lessened its effect in my opinion. To me, the music was too loud and overpowering. It would be nice if it was offset with some voice acting. Good work.

Dragon Ball Infinite::Pre/ Dragon Ball Z

I like the part when the man punched him in his stomach and kicked his testicals. Then he turned into a Super Saiyan. They stated a real fight when they turned invisible and it also had major special effects to the movie! $OlayiwolaBrown$

that was great

that was really good. the animation ran so smooth and the audio was really good for this. the dialogue went perfect. and I hope to see another one. overall this was simply great. no improvement needed great job