Reviews for "Dragon Ball Infinite::Pre"


I wait for your infinite saga, you are good, and your art style is pretty damn close to the original! and for more originality, make transformation sequences bigger, unless it's VERY easy for the character to transform into that stage ! 8/10 you can be better! if i see your 100% you shall have a 10/10 from me! practice, improve and make some more! i shall see them!


dude, this is good. i agree with gladius. you gotta make more.


ok dude, look... after watching this, i went out of my way to get a user thing for newgrounds so u can PLEASE make more, it is the definition of PURE EPIC, the animation doesnt even have to improve or extra sound effects or anything, but the story and the music worked together and blended to make a masterpeice, so please, listen to ur 1,200+ fans and continue ur work!


If You don't make another One I will be very sad. YOU MUST
CONTINUE THIS SAGA! Wow, I'm not surprised you were on
the front page! This is A+ Material. But Please say you'll do
another? Oh, One Question. . .Is Omega a desendent of Broly?

"Katoblade make more !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yo i luv the flash as a fan could you make more thanks you rock out loud man