Reviews for "-8bit jingle twist-"

I'm digging this one...

Especially since those noisy drums have that digging kinda sound (they do, don't they?)

-First time I listened to this, I was like, "Great, another jingle bells mix..." and then those drums came in, and it made it really cheery, I'll have to listen to this when it hits midnight for christmas day.

Starting at 0:56 is my favorite part, the harmonies are lovely and the melody is much like an 8-bit sprinkling on top. Very nice mate, good luck in the MAC!


=D ho lol!

Wonderfull track really! remix more of the sort! i love it, great... wish you make more like this!

Oh yah, im not blocked anymore cuz i hacked through.


dude it sucks are you using a computer to make music or somehiting

8-BIT=YAY Christmas=YAY

8-BIT Christmas= Double YAY? Nope. Its an epic win. YOu've just earned 5 million brownie points.

Wow... Just WOW...

This was so catchy and entertaining, I quite literally danced in my seat!!! I can't believe I've just now discovered you! This is awesome!