Reviews for "-8bit jingle twist-"


Haha, quite nice! Like someone said earlier, the break in the middle is what makes it true 8-bit goodness. Reminds me of the old Gameboy Color, that small window of time where they took all the game music theory that had been perfected for years and applied it to old 8-bit tech. Good luck in the competition.



Although sometimes it sounded like my speakers were exploding because of the high-pitched sounds.

Waterflame responds:

thats chiptunes for you ;D really awesome and really painfull. lol. thanks!


Nice harmonies. Drums are done well XD
I really like the little interlude type part where you break from the traditional tune. One thing that you did better than the other MAC entries was giving the upbeat christmas tune a videogame feel, with the harmonies and the middle part, it fits better with the 8-bit theme, whereas other people are turning christmas tunes 8-bit without making them right for the videogame vibe. Although it's not as original as rucklo's, there's the interlude and the very slick 8-bit jingle bells melody with a bit of original spin. So, for that, I'll give you a 9/10 and 5/5.

If you get the time, would you mind checking out my MAC entry, I'd really appreciate your opinion.
Cheers. Well done.


That's pretty damn sweet

this a kickass rendition dude! I enjoyed the 8bit beat, that super-cheery fluteish sounding melody, and those "fireball" sounds. Do you have an arpeggio in there that is played in Mario when you get a 1up as well? Real glad you included some originality, interlude is the best part of the track. Also sounds like you got the original themes nailed right on too, great job.

I dont really have any criticism to offer. Sounds great in 8 bit type of way!