Reviews for "BoF 2 - Memories Remix"


Beautiful stuff, I hope she enjoyed it :)

kelwynshade responds:

Thanks man. She's pretty happy with it. Especially since I've been promising to remake this damn song for years. =)

Great job!

Can it be 12-14 years ago when life was easier (well, easier if you know that you have to sacrifice yourself so you don't have a never ending boss battle) and we could play awesome games like this again?

You did a fantastic job on the song and it makes me want to dig out the game and play again.

kelwynshade responds:

Seems crazy, I know.

I sure do miss the SNES days.

I'm happy you enjoyed this one.


Notice how trolls always have horrible grammar, and you have to read twice to figure out exactly what they're trying to say, and then you still don't see any more than "blah blah blah flame flame flame."

Good work as usual, bud. I always love your peaceful pieces. I never did play any of the BoF series, but even without that, I can tell this is a great tribute to the series.

kelwynshade responds:

Yeah. It seems some people just have nothing better to do. It's not like he's an active member either.

Glad you liked this one too. This one actually took some work. lot's of stuff happening in it =)

Respect man

u really need to give u some credit here this piece is awsome. ive never played Bof before so i donĀ“t know how well this piece is going with the actuall game music, but nevermind that this is really great and thats what u need all this credit for. makes me think about various things ive never thought about in years. again good work

kelwynshade responds:

awesome. I'm glad you liked it. Seriously.

Have a good one.

Feel free to check out my newest released songs too!

The best BoF ever heard...

..by me that is. But it's amazing!

kelwynshade responds: