Reviews for "Bendee: The Game (2003)"

not bad, mostly guesswork tho

It looked good, the graphics were right for it. I sensed an inspiration of the game is the Stickdeath game Escape from Greenville, it seemed similar in ways. the sound was a bit naff, but the end music seemed very appropriate. good show.

It was ok.

This interactive game was pretty good. Some things were stupid, like finding a gun in a vent. The voice acting wasn't very good(but try not to make excuses like, I'm only 14, gimme a break, I could care less how old you are). Overall though, Nice job.

Gee. ummm. I guess this was sorta weird

Ok... i guess you are some kind of demented freak. no really. i mean it. if you do this again than i will personally come to london and do everything Darth Paradox listed. and more. MUCH more. be afraid


Not bad, not good, in the middle. Short and not that interactive. Pretty good though for a kid. Nice one. 6/10.


A good first game.

It's fun, but i feel pushed to do the right thing.
Maybe you could add more than 2 endings?