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Reviews for "Bendee: The Game (2003)"

a good start

seeing as games aren't really your useual thing you did pretty good,you should do an "Edds world" RPG: kill zombies,annoy tord ,find toms eyes, and much more =D

I had a fun time with this little game

It was ok.

This interactive game was pretty good. Some things were stupid, like finding a gun in a vent. The voice acting wasn't very good(but try not to make excuses like, I'm only 14, gimme a break, I could care less how old you are). Overall though, Nice job.


I didn't know you can make a car start by shooting it's headlights..on your next game make more outcomes to the game and make the weapons useable instead of clicking a button that shoots and kills with one shot..not bad though


A weird,but fun game. Anyways Edd doesn't sound like edd