Reviews for "Bendee: The Game (2003)"


thats what i call freakin good

Gee. ummm. I guess this was sorta weird

Ok... i guess you are some kind of demented freak. no really. i mean it. if you do this again than i will personally come to london and do everything Darth Paradox listed. and more. MUCH more. be afraid

Dear God in Heaven, what have you done?

This is perhaps the WORST game I have ever had the misfortune of subjecting myself to, especially on Newgrounds. Obviously the work of a couple of twelve-year olds who just decided, "Hey! Flash is neat! Let me make crap with it! OI!"
If I had my way, the person or people responsible for this travesty would be flogged in the street, dragged into an S&M bar, flogged again, dragged back out into the street, shot, and then flogged once more for good measure.
I hate you, whoever you are. I hate you...

great game.

very fun to play dude. the interactivity level was just right, as you didnt have to do a lot to play, but you didnt have to do too little, either.
also, the graphics were quite nice, and there were a couple of good animations in this aswell.
i liked the sound effects, but Bendee's voice could have been clearer. but all in all very fun.
overall score: 7/10

eddsworld responds:

this was a VERY early bendee, those were his first words.


I didn't know you can make a car start by shooting it's headlights..on your next game make more outcomes to the game and make the weapons useable instead of clicking a button that shoots and kills with one shot..not bad though