Reviews for "Robo-dentist"

holly shit!!

dude this shit is wiked cool dident se what it whas first.

I don't normally give 10s but this is cool

yeah you got one, it's just so creative. I love the big picture, but the little things like the green smiley face on the screen, and the watermark on the tooth looks really stylish and is in a good place. The way you've made the effort to feature a background outside the mouth makes good perspective.
well done, I could never do anything like this, and the idea is great


Suddenly, My dentist doesn't seem all that evil anymore. I thank you for showing me it could've been alot worse. ALOT WORSE.

Grigoro responds:

Oh dont worry. The same dentists lives only in my town :)


Holy shit

This scares me. Even more than my sadistic dentist. Good job on the detail, but a 9/10 intsead of a 10/10 because of the blobby mass it has for a body. I mean, the water spray and the drill are nice, but everything else just seems... overdone. It could've been trimmed down... a body frame like GLaDos from Portal comes to mind.

Overall nice job, and the fact that the robot's drilling what appears to be either a tongue or gums really freaks me out.

9/10, 5/5

Grigoro responds:

Yes. Probably I should make contours of a body and arms more outstanding that now.
Thank you :)

PS. I like detail overdose.


Idek whats goin on in this picture, but its epic. the styles great. Maybe Make the picture broader and less complex to understand em next time.