Reviews for "Robo-dentist"


Times were hard after the whole "Metal Gear Solid" incident. Not a lot of positions available for a cybernetic ninja with severe voice problems. I was left with no choice; I had to go back to college. Unfortunately, the only thing my advanced cybernetics were good for was grafting dental tools onto. So, I undertook the field of exploratory dentistry. Eventually, monotony set in and I found myself wondering "Why?" And this led to the alcoholism. Apparently, alcohol and my circuitry don't mix; which led to extreme deterioration in the facial regions. I found myself falling Kojima daily, pleading to be brought back into the game, to no avail. But then something sparked my confidence once again. Snake was a patient at the local dentists' office. I needed to see him again, just one more time. I picked myself up from the pool of vomit and melted facial tissue and set myself to accomplishing my graduation. And I succeeded. Now, here I am. An exploratory dentist with severe body modifications. One day, Snake will have to have his Kojima Co. Annual Tooth Cleaning. And I'll be here. And I'll be waiting.

Grigoro responds:

Hope your mission will be successful!

And [PS] the one and the last console that I,m playing on, was been PSone.

Oh god...

This is masterfully done. All the lines and colors are right on course and beautifully blended with the light.

I hate the dentist's office.

And this picture scares the hell out of me.

Open Wide

and that my friend is wat he said


Sure don't want that to get into my mouth


I didn't write a review before, but somehow I knew you'd be on frontpage.
Great amount of detail. Congrats on the FP.

Go ahead....sigh that relief.