Reviews for "|-| Come To Me"


It is verry strange bud hearing this song gives me the feeling that there is still hope for me to overcome my personel problems.
So please make more of this beautifull music!!!
many greetings


I pretty much love everything about this song. The piano melody, the synths, the high-pitched sounds throughout it, everything. Very pleasant to listen to. I admire your works.

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Hadriani responds:

I was dying to do something with a piano for a long time. Glad you liked it!

Thanks for the review!

Damn I love this song !!!

I like this beat and the whole Thing I Danced To it ~

Hadriani responds:

I made you dance!
You made me happy :-)



nice chords (if a little simplistic) and nice sounds. Particularly the bass and the flute. it was nice and smooth, quite proffessionally done.

i think you should have loosened the piece up by avoiding having alot of the instruments follow the same rythm such as the bass and the synth, but that is personal preference. Some immense "wowowowow" sounds could be cool but again i am just pointing out what i would like to hear. Unfortunatley this song sounds like a long introdction, i was hoping to hear some interesting drums.


Hadriani responds:

Drums ain't my specialty and I know I should practise on them. Promise, one of my next tune will have some kickin' drums!

Thanks for the review!

Nicely done!

As ofcourse a 10 ;-)

Gratz on being in the top-30 all time again
(5 h time already)