Reviews for "|-| Come To Me"


Listening tot this makes me feel happy.

Hadriani responds:




How you were able to mix classical with electronic..... Simply amazing. The octaves I think were my favorite part of this song. I have question.... Is it minor key or major key? I simply can not tell because of all the background sounds going on... The flute i think really was over done in some parts or had over powered the other instruments at other parts of the song. Otherwise an outstanding piece. An 5/5 10/10 from me. Keep up the good work.

P.S.- Is there supposed to be a story that goes along with the music and title of the song?

Hadriani responds:

It's either C minor or D# major key.

And I didn't have a story in mind while writing this, but ashi-starshade wrote a few poems inspired by this song. If you're interested, you pm him! Thanks for the review!


You know, that is pretty nice!

I've been playin' piano since I was 9 and I'am still like this instrument.

I've been listenin' to electronic since I was 16 and I still like it.

Awesome job. Love this sounds!

10 out of 10

great combination

between electro and classic
I love it

Nicely done!

As ofcourse a 10 ;-)

Gratz on being in the top-30 all time again
(5 h time already)