Reviews for "|-| Come To Me"


I pretty much love everything about this song. The piano melody, the synths, the high-pitched sounds throughout it, everything. Very pleasant to listen to. I admire your works.

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Hadriani responds:

I was dying to do something with a piano for a long time. Glad you liked it!

Thanks for the review!


Sounds are better in this one, but still can be better.
Still a nice melody

eh, it's alright.

in my opinion, the synths are too raw and raspy. not my taiste.
the setup of the song was good.
just nothing i'd really want to listen to on my spare time.

Hadriani responds:

Can't argue about tastes...

Thanks for the review!


It is verry strange bud hearing this song gives me the feeling that there is still hope for me to overcome my personel problems.
So please make more of this beautifull music!!!
many greetings