Reviews for "|-| Come To Me"

Like it as is!

This is the way it's supposed to be, a little parsley and a little sage, but no rosemary! Don't put in the drums and bass! :D *download*

Hadriani responds:


its really good

but it makes me think of that tune thats like:
'its too late to apologise,
its too laaaaaaate'
probably wud work mixing them together!
but yeh good song man

Hadriani responds:

I'm afraid that my tune's a bit too fast for a remix, but you never know! ;-)

Thanks for the review man!

I see

This being a potentially moving song, however some of the synths could use some work. I especially enjoy the little trills on the te of 3, those are nice. Have you considered putting a nice, soft beat to this to make it a little more.. techno?

I enjoy this as it is, just using some (hopefully) constructive criticism. :]

Hadriani responds:

I wanted to go for a non-basic style of synth. I'm quite satisfied with what I got, though.

And again, I think that making it more techno would kill the current mood the song's giving. When I made this tune I wanted to make something non techno/DnB/... Just something "general" and tried to made it a touching tune.

But like I said, if anyone wants to mix this, you're free to do so! :-)

Thanks for the review, I liked the constructive criticism! =D


good song.i like it.definetly going into my faves!keep up the good work!

Hadriani responds:

Thanks for the review!


Great job in mixing the intruments togather, but it doesn't sound ALL that great, but it's still very impressive

Hadriani responds:

Aye, thanks!