Reviews for "18 wheeler rampage"

Great game

That was a great game and concept. The graphics were a little lacking but still godd. Keep up the good work. and I hope to see more from u.

A Hell of a Lot Better than Simpsons Road Rage

Kickass game bro! The only thing you need is to make the music loop for longer.. that really got me into the "truck driving mood"

the game was awesome, and the animation for the truck was great.. not to mention a low load time..

very nice

plzz can u tell me the actionscript 4 that.

i realy want the action script 4 the moving truck

This was pretty fun.

I liked this game. Being able to mow down people and fences made it quite enjoyable. A larger map would have made it better though. Nice job.

Sweet little game

One major flaw though - when reversing, turning works in the opposite way to what it should, you should fix that. Apart from that, it's pretty good and deserves the rating it has.