Reviews for "18 wheeler rampage"


Graphics- There were graphics?
Style- Bad
Sound- Nails on blackboard.
Violence- My eyes bleeding after watching
Humor-Me laughing myself into a coma afterwards
Interactivity- Kinda bad controls

Tropicana responds:

you dont got shit on me little man
just throwing a hissy fit cause your a fag simple


you are the leet programmur!

i loved it

i even downloaded it...cos i wanna play it all the time...well done man this rocked

Tropicana responds:

And then after you downloaded it you submitted it to ng as your own ... talentless hack

Good but boring

was good at the beginning but got boring very fast

Tropicana responds:

wow this is amaz... OH LOOK A MONGOOSE

oh my god u really deserve to die

wow i hate u and i hate clocks they should be burned and hung but nice game