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Reviews for "Blot goes to Hell!"

ummm...ok but could have look better

the game was ok but i did not finish it cause it looked crappy, but the background was good. but it is ok not good just ok.


Satan's Gay Bar made me lauch! HAHAHAHA!!!
Tmoore1001-a.k.a. Mr. Blonde The Stampede

Good game & what was name of music?

That music that played, who was it by & what was the name of song???


This rocked, although it's kinda short. You need to make a few levels in between the first of it and the boss, like starting from the gate, you gotta go to Death, steal a key or something, then fight your way back to the gate? It could easily be extended into 3-5 stages (yeah, I know... it takes forever to do em up, but you could just re-use backgrounds and stuff) Anyways, nice work.


great work.

mr. DaOnlyYoungOne, i had the same problem.. until i realized his hand kills you. notice how the boss floats up and down? u gotta walk under when he is up...

a bit short, but your style and everything was great. i was suprised i cud stand on buildings n such.. good work! looks great too... interesting BGs.. smooth gameplay..