Reviews for "POKEKILL"

woo hoo

I hate pokemon with a passion and wish for the creaters of this crap to be infested with ass monkeys.

Kill pokemon!!!

A good, easy shooting game. The people in the town where easy to defeat, also the pokemon are easy. They are just doing nothing! But I like easy, though. It was funny when I shot a guy in town and he suddenly became really thin and flew off with his head. When you shoot a pokemon or a guy it gets all bloody. That part with that pokemon center was boring. You only have to shoot it and it's finished. Brock is nice. You have to kill his Onix and his Geodude and when you have defeated him he said: "But as I'm a cheapass you will not get my badge... muwahaha!!!" All good stuff, but the bad point is that the graphics are not so good. But it's good that you have drawn Brock and his pokemon. Good work!

it was ......

pretty fun but it was 2 simple.... make it harder


cool game, I want more levels!!!


That was accually pretty fun, good work. I look forward to more pokemon-killing adventures.