Reviews for "POKEKILL"


i actually liked that. too bad i couldent kill ash. but whats up with brock he like turned gray? spruce this up, it can be really kickass. i love to kill pokemon. more, wepons, more blood and more pokemon!


wasnt 2 bad,needed alot of work, and to make a game like this u would hav 2 actually know about pokemon, so it seems weird how u would do this if u actually play it.

I like your games!

Why the hell aren't you making more? Come'on,finish the series!


It was decent for a first flash but you have to keep in ming how many Pokemon flashes there is out there... try to come out with something more original... be creative. If you want to keep true to your promise of making a second to this game you can make it more improved then the original.


Mwahahah i killed an *onix* lol nice sounds+ voices. Well done for your first game.