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*goosebumps* *neck cracks* AHGHFKDSJLHDHAGDHAGJFSLGFJSGH!!!

Fantastic caricature of Keaton. Simultaneously ridiculous looking and incredibly accurate. That's talent.

That's freaky

The best thing about this was that it was truly surreal. In fact, it might have even been a bit too surreal because it did seem a bit too weird to enjoy. I still have to give you credit where it's due, because the overall artwork is good. I wonder what KeatonMan and BatKeaton look like? It's been awhile since I've seen Michael Keaton so I don't know if he looks like this. This seemed to be like one of those charicatures they put in Mad Magazine.

It was good and recommendable, but not one of my favorites. I like how stupid he looks with his green eyes just starting out in the darkness of space. There are so many lines and sketch marks across his body. It almost looks like he has green skin. While it was hard to understand the purpose, I don't think we should really care about that.


I absolutly love the Keatonbat picture... theres something about it that makes it so amazing... I think it's the way you draw the lips.

Well, what do we have here....

freaking amazing!