Reviews for ""Danger Zone" Nintechno"

nice work

good job and a great song. i wasn't that keen at the start but after 00:20 it got a hell of a lot better. good work

Nintechno responds:

Thanks! Well, I thought it would be cool to have that part in there, to, y'know, boost the awesomeness of the accual song.


top gun is like my fav movie and you did a great job updating it :D

Nintechno responds:

yea, I love it too. I would like to think i did a good job lol. I think there is another top gun remix on NG somewhere, but it is not 'danger zone'. Its the other top gun song that i had at the start of this one.


Fantastic new sound for old song. Love the beginning - puts a smile on my face!

Dude u r good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this is what i call talent not to mention how creative u got in this remix i must say u blew my meaning of the so called danger zone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KEEP IT UP!!!!! :)

Very smooth

I'm loving the transition from the anthem to Danger Zone. I'n fact you inspired me to cover this song. Check it on my channel!

5/5, 10/10 blah blah