Reviews for ""Danger Zone" Nintechno"

Great music!

The only problem in here are the beats. They are so simple that they get boring. And that can't happen.


Nintechno responds:

Will think about that for future songs, cant do anything about it now cuz ive only got the trial version of FL Studio.


Not much to say but I like it lol

Yes. 'Tis fine...

Only joined recently - started listening to all your stuff since I heard POTC "Up is down." I'd give in depth constructive criticism for every song but I'm doing psychology work at the same time so it'll just have to be quick comments. Mostly good though :~).

Nice build. Good tune.


YAY! top gun is my favorite movie. I quite like this but you could have made it a bit more heavy. The first bit is kind of wiered though.


Nice and happy :) Love the melody, sounds very VGish indeed, not from a movie I've seen, but it sounds like a good song. I like the style switch after the first 25 sec. Keep up the good work!