Reviews for "Gerudo Valley- Final - Round 2"

what are you using?

are you using a EHX POG to get the octave effect for what?

Haha nice

I play this song on acoustic guitars at parties all the time. Its not quite as heavy as this version though.


Very good...but i still like the calmer intro in the original. Great remix of the song. But to top the original is tough. Keep up the great work though

Almost Dissapointing

I was about to back out from this page halfway through the song, and then it just really came alive for me with the more techno-ish melody. Cool, but I only really liked half of it - the rough guitar in the first half just didn't flow well, and it would have been nice to see the guitar and the techno working together.

doesn't work

i don't think there's anyway you could make this song any good using guitars. it just doesn't fit. it would be like trying to do the spongebob theme song with a metal theme. It just doesn't fit. nice attempt tho.