Reviews for "MMBN2 - Virus Battle"


A very nice take on the BN2 battle theme!

Review time - In da mood

OMG IT'S YOU. I remember you... it's been a while.

Listening.. beginning sounds like something's coming. It's big too. Square, and a light hat melody, this isn't good... uh oh snare roll... wait. Damn, it doesn't do what I wanted it to do. :'(

I was expecting a huge long snare roll, then a phat kick to come in, 4-to-da-floor y'all! But it didn't, it went back to this light thingy.

Hint - make the kick louder. As for the song, it doesn't really go anywhere. It kinda stays with the midi, no real innovation, no originality. I mean, it's interesting as a cover, but there's no real original content.

Kick needs more volume, more variation, especially in dynamics, is needed. Try making a HUGE build up to the snare roll, then having the kick come in PUNCH!! Through the muck, and make it feel really clean. This feels a bit muddy in places, and needs a bit more refinement.

Overall, it was good, needs some work, though. 7/10, 5/5.

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EliteFerrex responds:

Well, despite the fact that this review definitely wasn't what I was hoping to find on my birthday (December 12th), but I suppose a 7 is better than nothing. I was attempting a lower-key, less energetic feel for this song purposely, because it was a BGM in the game, and there more to fill the silence. If you want a louder, more prominent Megaman Battle Network song, go look at "Megaman Battle Network ElecCom" on my list.

nice remix

This is a cool twist on the battle theme of MMBN2 while still retaining its original beat, and at the end megaman epic fails...GAME OVER lol.

J00 get a fiven :-)