Reviews for "Chase the Button 2"


the game itself was somewhat hard, at least i made it to the Boss Button (lol), which is very hard, but this deserves a 5 just for the awsome movies between the levels, i couldnt stop laughing, lol, great one

Ryanitto responds:

you're welcome...

...i still hate you.


This game is really a great example of making something out of nothing. The game alone woudl have been an ok little time waster. The full package was great. Level intros that were entertaining movies themselves, music, and a cutom theme song at the end. I played more for the extras than the game, but was glad I did. One of the more entertaining things on NG I've seen in awhile.

Ryanitto responds:

God you talk too much, it's people like you who bring down this game. You know the Bill of Rights states that those who speak of their mind in utter repetitiveness belong to a belonging chain belonging to those who belong to their belongings. They just don't get the fact that if they keep talking they'll lead into run-on sentences that never seem to end with no periods or commas or much of anythign to seperate their individual thoughts into clear-cut statements and/or states of mind withdrawn from the social status that they solely live and grow up by in their daily miniscule lives. Some people just don't get it.


It's amazing how entertaining this simple game was. I enjoyed every bit, and the Level dudes were extremely funny, they're the ones that kept me going! :D

Ryanitto responds:

Fuck you!!!!11

hilarious , great game

very funny , i was rolling around on the floor laughing at the letters dying , its genius , very funny ,cool , can i say anymore , great game

Ryanitto responds:

Thanks, I worked a whole summer on this. Yet, a ton of people rated this low because they could not get past the first level. Funny how the noobs rate it low and the smart ones are able to type reviews... or are able to at least type.

This game is cool

One thing though, why is this same exact game under someone elses name, it was like sonicdeath or something, but i know its yours because at the beginning it had your name. Weird :(

Ryanitto responds:

Don't ask me, they ripped me off entirely. If I ever meet them, I'm going to pull out their spine and put it into mine so it'll crossbreed and make one huge dual-spine-a-thon and I will rule the world with my ... two spines.