Reviews for "Chase the Button 2"

Waaaay too hard

I know you said dont - but cheaings the only way to do it. The 1st level shouldve been much easier.

Ryanitto responds:



It's amazing how entertaining this simple game was. I enjoyed every bit, and the Level dudes were extremely funny, they're the ones that kept me going! :D

Ryanitto responds:

Fuck you!!!!11


its GOOD ive GOT broadBAND. its VERY good.

Ryanitto responds:


holy shit!

That was freaking INSANE!!!! I cannot believe you have such a low score for this. BEAUTIFUL!! The only thing that could make it better would be to change the gameplay so there's some actual strategy involved. EXCELLENT work though. All my 5 are belong to you.

Ryanitto responds:

5? That's it! God, I'm blaming all your crap to hell!

very nice

its a great game!

the introductions were amazing! but i think the actual game lacked quite alot and a higher frame rate would also have made the movement smoother..

the level intros were the best part of the game! more in the game would be better.. but what the hey.. it was good overall..

and yes i cheated because it was far to hard!

Ryanitto responds:

I took out teh hax so now u cant teh cheat...