Reviews for "Chase the Button 2"


Very entertaining.Allthough its impossible to get past the first level(if there are any more levels)

Ryanitto responds:

Yes, there are many more levels...hence the file size...


It was fun, and the letters were funny... like the tank one...

I'm having a bit of trouble on level 5... I keep seeing two buttons, it's going so fast!!!! Keep up the good work...

Ryanitto responds:


hilarious , great game

very funny , i was rolling around on the floor laughing at the letters dying , its genius , very funny ,cool , can i say anymore , great game

Ryanitto responds:

Thanks, I worked a whole summer on this. Yet, a ton of people rated this low because they could not get past the first level. Funny how the noobs rate it low and the smart ones are able to type reviews... or are able to at least type.

Not "fun" in the standard sense.

This game IS emjoyable, just not "fun" in the usual sense of the word. In particular the between level movies are quite amusing. If you do manage to get through it, frustrating as it can be, there is some sense of satisfaction.

Ryanitto responds:

Indeed, that's what it's all about.


The game itself was pretty simple, but nice... btw: my elbow hurts a bit.... never clicked this vast before :P. Cutscenes were great!

Ryanitto responds:

Your problem! I hate you!