Reviews for "Fantastical Doki"

Pretty nice

I've never heard of this "Fantastic Dizzy" thing before, so I can't really compare it. I can however, compare this to other audio submissions, especially your other work. I was fairly impressed at how this managed to keep a nice and pleasant beat. My only complaint is that it went on for four minutes, and I felt it should've been a little shorter. It's great as always to hear you try out different kinds of music. You have quality and quantity on your audio work here.

I didn't know you did audio until now, lol

Nice work! All your songs seem to make me feel all happy and fuzzy in my brain, not to mention a bit drunk too. The last part I don't get because I'm completely sober. XD


You're fantastic, love your work.

Beep Be-be-beep

Ya wanker


It's the sexiest part of the day.

(Point and wink)