Reviews for "Calm Minds"


A very soothing, uplifting piece right here. Makes me think of happy times and sunny days far away from the bustle of life...

Damn fine piece of beauty, and definitely going on my favorite list. Keep up the good work, and I hope to hear more from you!

uziwave responds:

thank you for the perfect Review
WoW ! , you are exactly describing my feeling when i was doing this Song.
Respect you all.
Thank you all again !


Makes me and my friends jus wanna go to sleep.... thnaks a lot for this song i use it whenever i get stressed out or right b4 a tennis match, hope to more :]

Just like the title of this work.

It just Calms my mind. Simply magnificent, romantic; it releases something like a feeling of TRUE peace. I listen to this very often...

Thanks for your awesome work, I needed a song like this one. =)

uziwave responds:

you are always welcome :D


I hear accidentally in D-Finder 2, and is good. Calms my mind. So, i belive you based this on the Titanic movie theme, of 1993. Remember? Very good, keep the good work.

Fantastic! :D

this is such a wonderful peace of work!! and you even made some nature effects.. makeing it seem like your in a beautiful forest :P

Thank you for makeing this! :D