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Reviews for "Calm Minds"

Just like the title of this work.

It just Calms my mind. Simply magnificent, romantic; it releases something like a feeling of TRUE peace. I listen to this very often...

Thanks for your awesome work, I needed a song like this one. =)

uziwave responds:

you are always welcome :D

So I never wrote a review? :o

Its hard to listen to such audio as is created by those whos talent derives from the simple pleasures that they take to heart. Those pleasures that they find around them, the things that others take for granted...let me weave you a scene, one of fantasy...and in doing so hope that you see the way I do.

'The birds first give me a feeling of Calmness...as birds should...a feeling of peace. You quickly get into the audio itself, giving it life (let me guess, this song started moving along without you really even having to interfere too much? ^^;). The piano, being the classic instrumental string that it is invokes emotion, especially the way you made it play through...now imagine...'

'You open your eyes and walk out of reality into a dream that only this world could hold. Surrounding you is trees, a forest of livid green, floating in a sea of brown. A squirrel scampers up a nearby tree, a rabbit digs through the brush, you are at peace. In front of is a river, running swift but calm, its blue surface shimmering in the mid-day sun, fish gleam in its depth's. One jumps out of the water in a magnificent arc, you follow it with your eyes and look toward the sky where a eagle soars, its majestic figure slowly circling. Not a cloud to be seen. Across the sparkling river is another bank, as you look you see movement, a girl sitting there playing with a simple White Lily. As you look across the blue expanse she looks back, stands up, smiles billiantly and turns disappearing into the tree behind here. The eagle screeches and as the music fades so does this fantasy, a dream that shall never be forgotten.

Absolutely magnificent, it calms something far deeper than the heart and let nobody tell you that this is not worth the score it has been given. For you created beauty by shaping a simple thing into a work of pure spirit. Hold it high and never let go.

~Anthony J. Lockhart [AJ]

uziwave responds:

This is the greatest comment ii have recieved since i was introduced to newgrounds , i would like to thank you proudly.
you are such a great friend , these kind words meant so much to me. You are awesome !
thank you. :)


Simple and relaxing. The mixture of birdchiprs and pianoplay is epic, heh, works perfectly. Sounds romantic. Keep it up!


uziwave responds:

thank you -cd- for stopping by my calm minds.
i appreciate it highly.
cheeeeers -------------------;)------------

When im mad >=(

I can listen to this and cool down.

Congrats goin on my faves list.=D


Makes me and my friends jus wanna go to sleep.... thnaks a lot for this song i use it whenever i get stressed out or right b4 a tennis match, hope to more :]