Reviews for "Calm Minds"

This is very good! Keep up the great work! One suggestion is to try not to overuse the bird tweeting as it get's quite repetitive. Maybe put it at the beginning and/or end instead of the whole way through.

Very beautiful

A wonderful piece, this soothed me.

Fantastic! :D

this is such a wonderful peace of work!! and you even made some nature effects.. makeing it seem like your in a beautiful forest :P

Thank you for makeing this! :D


I hear accidentally in D-Finder 2, and is good. Calms my mind. So, i belive you based this on the Titanic movie theme, of 1993. Remember? Very good, keep the good work.

Im glad I accidentally found this!

Anyone that can make music like this and use nature sounds has an awesome talent. This music is inspiring and also its a benefit for those that want peace and relaxation. My hat is off to you my friend...this is really awesome. Keep up this kind of stuff :)