Reviews for "Sonic: Uncut"

you're and artist and a comic!

i loved the hand drawn visuals in this movie! outstanding in every way! damn you must have put soooooo much effort into this and im pleased to say - IT SHOWED! heaps of content and the big download sure was worth it in the end! great job man! make more episodes when you have the time

Protected, and adored

This is an excellent sonic movie, although im not fond of your art (no offense) if anything if you drew Miles "Tails" tails better id be a lot happier, nonetheless very cool, its about time tails should realise he spends all his time hanging out with naked teenagers....but oh well!
On note of the chilidog thing I knew that too but sonics chilidog obsession was only in one of the cartoon series I think, I dont recall any reference to it in the games, or atleast the real games aka the sega genesis ones.
Alright good work and all, hope to see more...and improve on your art and youll definitally become one of my fav artists.


You have really good art, Just one thing. Doesnt Sonic eat chilly dogs? Thats what I thought but maybe Im wrong I dont know. But anyway, good job. Well Im done.

HyperactiveYouth responds:

Chilly dogs are from the cartoons and the comic. I'm going for a Sega Sonic kind of movie.