Reviews for "Knuckles Adventure 3"


Now heres some trophie cheats because I can.

The first time you see a cow: Click its sorry ass

When you get to the scene where theyre havin a party and it looks at front of the place theres some there!


Theres tons more tho


Rolo to the Rescue!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Visions of squirells and rabbits* Woah! I've got the game... but haven't played it for AGES!! Woah! Yeah... the flash... Twas v. good... like the fact you've put Mighty in it. Chaotix Crew Rock. Like the trophy-things... haven't got one on 3 or this one... yet to play the others yet... hmm... cya in a bit dude.

(Wacked out) Dezwyler
*I'm not normally like this... elephants do this to me*

These flash movies OWN!

Power to the FFVIII battle music! Ownage to Knuckles! Congratulations on killing the you lose guy!

you win

since you have inuyasha and that brass monkey song, you get a perfect score yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!
ps. is that last scene from an inuyasha video game?you really captured the personality of inuyasha. ilike saying inuyasha,or anything japanese.


exelent job, congratulations :D