Reviews for "Knuckles Adventure 3"

I love the series

The series is awesome. I gave humor a 7 besause the easter eggs were funney. Easter egg#1 is more funney 5/5

This is my favorite one in the series

*** My review ***
I dont know why. any way great job on the movie. i also liked the first easter egg.

*** Improvements/ Suggestions ****
Fix the first easter egg i cant understand a thing. but thats kinda what i like about it lol. :)

good movie

very nicely done. when sonic came in and made up storys was funny and when mario had to pay 20,000 rubies worth of beer. good job.


This show is super cool.

I rely like watching it.

And now with InuYasha in it, thats so cool.

I am going to watch them all.

Keep up the good work.

and hiei stikses again

it was funny when sonic was amking up bullshit stories in the bar and how he got thr emralds(giant rings)