Reviews for "Knuckles Adventure 3"


ok i just wanna say this is the most entertaining series ive seen ever. second id like to say that blink 182 thing is hilarious. i think the main guy in it was the guy from 28 days later. and the one guy in it was from the commercial for that money-making book. man youre good. thirdly id like to ask what that "thing" is with the ragnarok sprite on his head is. thank you, and keep kicking ass!!!

Heran-Bago responds:

thank. i didn't know most of that. and that guy was a random image on gateway.com, it's damn funny

Love the series

Whens the next one comming out and how many ep's do you intend to make?Anyway,they all deserve portal awards because they are soooooo cool. Keep up the good work!!

How do you do that

I love the series the jokes the Violence the trohies but my one question is...How Do you do those sprites???
love the series see ya


...but good. Very good animation. I was hoping there would be more fighting or w/e. But overall the animation was good

BTW Response to mankey's question. That guy in the begining was from Inu-Yasha and i think his name was Maroku. Also that sprite in the red clothing and says "Oh, hes close i can smell him" is Inu-Yasha.

Good Knuckles movie again.

Hey Yo!
I'm really liking these Knuckles Adventure Flash, keep making more and we'll see that collection yet!
I just wish it coulda been longer, though.
And who was that anime guy at the beginning of the movie?
And more importantly, who was that white-haired guy and who is that ninja guy stealing women?
I know I've seen that white-haired guy on a MegaMan NT flash on this site.
And one more thing,
I know she isn't a 16-bit character, but I think Rouge the Bat is supposed to be Knuckles' main squeeze, not Tikal.
Not that I'm saying it's bad idea to include Tikal in the series.
But what game did you get that sprite of Tikal?
I suppose when the Sonic X series comes out....er...wait, where was I going with that?
Good movie!

Heran-Bago responds:

thanks! someday!
anime guy @ loading screen = miroku
guy stealing women = heie
rouge, funny you should mention her
someone made tikal sprites